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Posted on September 17, 2012


There are some fantastic Archaeology/Related Science Blogs that I follow and I thought I would share them. Are there any I am missing? Any I should check out?

The Egyptiana Emporium – “This blog presents a selection from Egyptological news, museum pieces, original research, and much more.”

Craniophiles – “Craniophiles is the baby of an unlikely pair of friends- lets call them V & E. V is a skull loving and slightly eccentric scientist with a PhD in craniofacial biology, an amatuer artist, taxidermist, lover of wine, coffee and tattoos. E is a dopey rescue cat with a penchant for eating grass, sleeping awkwardly and sitting on laptops- you never know which post may have been written by her butt! We hope that you enjoy our exploration of skulls and that you might learn something along the way too!”

Doug’s Archaeology– “When I started this website my focus was not well defined. After some time, I have narrowed down the focus to several specifics of Archaeology: The quality of the profession- pay, working conditions, career prospect – Agent based modelling – GIS – Site predictive models – Academics – Wild-card topics”

Ritaroberts’s Blog – “am a retired Archaeologist.  English, now living on the Island of Crete, Greece. I work on ancient Minoan    pottery.This I do as a volunteer. I like reading books about Archaeology, Geology, Anthropology and Autobiography’s. I also like to collect fossils.”

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper – “Thanks for visiting. This site is about archaeology, and things that catch the interest of an archaeologist who is lucky enough to work in journalism: I often get to see and hear about amazing things before the rest of the world does, and to meet the people who find them. I work for my own company (Digging Deeper Ltd), and fortunately for now I am pretty busy, so what you will find here will be selective.”

Ritual is Power – “My name is Matthew Piscitelli and I am an archaeologist pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since 2008, I have worked in Peru and dedicated my life to uncovering the country’s rich, ancient past in order to preserve it for the future. This website not only chronicles my exciting adventures, but it also shares the results of my innovative research at the Late Archaic (3,000-1,800 B.C.) site of Huaricanga in the Fortaleza Valley along Peru’s north central coast.”

The Amateur Archaeologist – “This is the blog of an amateur archaeologist and linguaphile. While the author is not a professional archaeologist and only has an undergraduate certificate in the subject to her name, she hopes to deepen her knowledge through self-study and share her passion for ancient civilizations and languages with other like-minded individuals.”

Dirty Adventures – “My name is Danielle and I would like to consider myself a professional student. I currently live in Colorado, but I have resided in Arizona and South Carolina as well. I’m a nomad by nature, I never stay anywhere for too long… read more.”

Ancient Digger – “Anyone can appreciate and learn about history and archaeology when it’s taught in a way that appeals to all generations. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, academic, archaeologist or anthropologist, historian, professor, or student, Ancient Digger is striving to teach all of you about world heritage.”

Bones Don’t Lie – “Katy is an anthropology PhD student who specializes in mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology at Michigan State University”

Looting Matters – “Discussion of the archaeological ethics surrounding the collecting of antiquities.”

Northwest Coast Archaeology – “I’ll mostly be using the site for occasional commentary on Northwest Coast Archaeology or for interesting news items or things I find on the web.  The goal is to  encourage public knowledge about, and appreciation of,  Northwest Coast Archaeology through examples of interesting finds and sites, or through commentaries on archaeology in the news or otherwise in the public domain.”

Archaeology in Europe News

Viking Archaeology Blog – “The Viking Archaeology Blog is concerned with news reports featuring Viking period archaeology. It was primarily constructed as a source for the University of Oxford Online Course in Viking Archaeology”

Digital Archaeology Blog – digital experiences in archaeology

These Bones Of Mine – “Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I shall concentrate here mainly on my experiences and interests in Human Osteology and the fields of Archaeology and Human Evolution, with little bits on either films, music or literature!”

Powered By Osteons– “Kristina Killgrove is a bioarchaeologist. This is her personal blog about archaeology, bioanthropology, and the classical world.”

Animal Bones – “Welcome to the website of Dr James Morris. I specialise in social zooarchaeology, with a particular focus on animal burials and the different ways the deposition of animal remains inform and reflect social concepts. I work as a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Central Lancaster. I’m also a committee member, and the website manager for the Association for Environmental Archaeology. Much of my recent research was undertaken whilst working as a zooarchaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology”

Bone Commons – “BoneCommons is sponsored by the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ). BoneCommons provides services for the global zooarchaeological community to openly share publications, photos, conference abstracts and presentations, and other research materials.”

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