Tuesday Tussle – Felt Fedora vs Sun Hat vs Pith Helmet

Posted on September 4, 2012


Tuesday Tussle is a new post that I will be doing every now and then on a Tuesday. The aim is to have some fun and to vote for one of the Tuesday Tussle’s candidates. It will be archaeology and history related.

The last Tuesday Tussle was The Trowel vs The Brush:
Unfortunately the poll broke, so I will redo it again in the future.

Now for the fifth Tuesday Tussle: Felt Fedora vs Sun Hat vs Pith Helmet

Which of these deserve to win Tuesday Tussle?

The Classic Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora I’m sure is loved by all. It is the hat that most of us associate with whips and dangerous quests!

The Broad Rimmed Sun Hat should not be left out as it has saved many an Archeologist from sun burn!

And then we have the Classic Pith Helmet that makes you feel like you are on Safari in the depths of the jungle.

So the question is: Which one should win this Hat-Off? Which hat is the ultimate hat?

To vote:
Because I can’t seem to find a reliable polling system that doesn’t break half an hour after the post, I have decided that it would be safest to vote through comments. So just post which one you are voting for.

Happy Voting!

Picture Sources and Links to Amazon:

Indiana Jones Men’s Wool Felt Fedora
Broad Rimmed Sun Hat

Classic Pith Helmet – British Khaki

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