Talk: Evolution 102 – 31 May

Posted on May 30, 2012


Thursday 31 May, 19:00 Sci-Enza auditorium, University of Pretoria

(Please note that the Festival Street entrance to the campus right next to the Sci-Enza building now closes at 18:00 daily. Please use the main campus entrance in Lynnwood Road and follow the Ring Road to reach the Sci-Enza building.)

Evolution 102: The hard evidence – palaeontology & embryology

by Dr Francois Durand

This is the second in a series of 5 lectures that will look at the basic core principles of evolution.

“The best hard evidence for evolution may be found in the fossil record. The fossils that are found world wide attest to the origin and diversification and extinction of lineages of organisms. Despite the fact that the majority of organisms did not fossilise, the millions that have been discovered indicate the presence and longevity of species and their distribution around the globe. Fossils of related species indicate the diversification within taxa and could also be used to interpret evolutionary adaptations within taxa over time.

Interestingly enough there is a second field of study which can be used to interpret evolutionary adaptations within lineages and could also be used to illustrate the relatedness between species and even families. That is the field of embryology. In this talk we will compare embryology with the palaeontological evidence for evolution.”


South African Amateur Paleontological Society

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