Tuesday Tussle – Most Exciting Find

Posted on May 22, 2012


Tuesday Tussle is a new post that I will be doing every now and then on a Tuesday. The aim is to have some fun and to vote for one of the Tuesday Tussle’s candidates. It will be archaeology and history related.

The last Tuesday Tussle was Indian Jones vs Lara Croft.

And the results:
Indian Jones – 50% – 23 votes
Lara Croft – 50% – 23 votes

Yip it is a tie! I guess we will just have to live with it.

Now for the second Tuesday Tussle: The Most Exciting Find

Which find is the most exciting for you to find during an excavation?

* Pottery
* Beads
* Structures
* Faunal remains
* Human remains
* Stone Tools
* Other (Please describe in the comments – And note golden statues are not on the list. It has to be a common find)

So the question is, which find is your favorite? What do you think deserves to win this Tuesday Tussle?

Happy Voting!

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