Tuesday Tussle – Indiana vs Lara

Posted on April 24, 2012


Tuesday Tussle is a new post that I will be doing every now and then on a Tuesday. The aim is to have some fun and to vote for one of the Tuesday Tussle’s candidates. It will be archaeology and history related.

The first Tuesday Tussle: Indian Jones vs Lara Croft

Indiana Jones:

Career – Associate dean and College professor
Education – Archaeologist
Titles – Doctor, Colonel
Achievements – Not getting killed by Nazi’s
Weapon of choice – Whip
Nationality – American

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider:

Career – Sells archeological artifacts and writes travel books
Education – Prestigious Schools until 21
Title – Countess
Achievements – Allegedly killed Bigfoot
Weapon of choice – Guns
Nationality – British

Both of these characters play a important role in how the worlds sees Archaeologists. We can’t change it but we can embrace them and secretly wish we could wield a whip like Indiana Jones or have men falling at our feet, while we steal valuable mythical relics of the past like Lara Croft.

So the question is, who is your favorite? Who do you think deserves to win this Tuesday Tussle?

Happy Voting!


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